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2014 Recommendations

These recommendations came out the preparatory work for the AQMP review. They are of interest to drill down and see the underlying thinking of the time....

AQMP Recommendations 2014

AQMP Recommendations – SSCAS Board Workbook


Read through each of the recommendations from the “Sea to Sky Air Quality Management Plan Review”
In the first column indicate whether you agree with the recommendation or not with a “yes” or a “no”.
On the recommendations you entered a yes, indicate in the second column when you think the recommendation should be implemented on a 1-3 scale.
1 = less than 1 year to accomplish: It is a straightforward recommendation, the ED can accomplish during her admin time, there is no need to create an implementation plan. It requires minimal stakeholder engagement if any.
2 = 1 - 2 years to accomplish: requires an implementation plan and some stakeholder engagement
3 = more than 3 years to accomplish: requires a large scale implementation plan and stakeholders engagement

The workbook was handed out to SSCAS Board of Directors to be completed before the April 17th board meeting. We began the discussion at the first meeting and worked on it for an hour. Kari compiled everyone’s results before the second phone meeting on April 30th, in order to speed up the process. Present at the first meeting was Peter, Eric, Ian, Jake, Norm and Kari. Present at the second meeting was Peter, Eric, Ian, Curtis, Norm and Kari. Kari took part in the discussion but only the board votes were counted. Norm offered clarification when needed on how he came to the recommendations presented.
Rows highlighted in blue indicate 100% consensus and were not further discussed.
Rows highlighted in peach indicate 3/4 board consensus and were also not further discussed.
GREEN CAPS indicate Eric’s comments copied from his workbook
Light green lower case indicate Curtis’s comments copied from his workbook
Red indicates Kari’s comments.
Other’s comments begin with the first initial of the commenter’s name.
Comments highlighted in Teal indicate the final group consensus on the recommendation.

AQMP Recommendations


Leadership is encapsulated in all three purposes of the society and is critical to the region because no level of government or other organization is leading the protection and improvement of air quality specifically for the region as a whole. It is recognized that the provincial government develops legislation and policy for management of air emissions, and was instrumental in developing the AQMP as well as providing ongoing support and funding. As well, while individual municipalities are all doing things within their communities that further the goals of the air quality management plan, regional air quality spans these jurisdictions.


Core funding for the Executive Director is essential to the continued success and long-term sustainability of the SSCAS.

Norm: to show visibility projections.
Peter: thresholds keep getting moved up. Visibility is important because its something that people can see with their own eyes. There is a huge monitory value in

Peter and Ian to send AQMP Workbook

Goals, Indicators, Targets, Actions

Goals help realize the Vision of the Sea to Sky Air Quality Management Plan (SSAQMP). Goals have one or more Indicators that measure progress toward or away from the Goals, and these can have one or more numerical Targets. Actions are implemented to meet Targets or Goals, and collectively the SSAQMP Indicators measure progress toward or away from Goals and Targets (See Figure 1, S. 3.1.2). The following table summarizes proposed 2014 goals, indicators, and targets and identifies applicable actions, along with a recommended reporting frequency.

Table 1 – Goals, SSAQMP Indicators, Targets, and Actions – 2014

Table 10 Goals, SSAQMP Indicators, Targets, and Actions – 2014 continued

State of Technical Knowledge: Group Consensus: these recommendations could be potentially combined into one initiative. First step discuss with Graham if this would be possible. Ideas around starting a funding campaign in partnership with MoE to purchase software, hire consultant to compile data.

Stakeholder Engagement and Networking

The public survey conducted as part of this review found that the majority of respondents (62%). believe they can personally make a positive difference to air quality. However, most (57%) of the public survey respondents are not at all familiar with the AQMP and 33% are somewhat familiar with it. The survey serves as a baseline for the future, however, this indicates a lack of awareness of the SSCAS and the AQMP, and an opportunity to further engage the public.


The SSCAS has a draft Communications Plan for the period September 2010 – August 2011 and it is evident that much of this has been, or is presently being followed.


SSCAS Operation

Board of Directors

Performance review: 3
Voluteers: 2
Position statements 2

Membership – to be reviewed in June



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