Thursday, April 20, 2017

March Air Quality Symposium Presentations

The Sea to Sky Clean Air and Sunshine Coast Clean Air Societies hosted a joint meeting in March, which included an Air Quality Symposium. Four presentations were delivered;

Dr. Mark Lysyshyn, Medical Health Officer with Vancouver Coastal Health presented on Elements of Human Health and Air Quality:

Air Quality and Public Health Mar 8 2017

Graham Veale, Air Quality Meteorologist with the Ministry of the Environment presented on Provincial Perspectives and Updates on Air Quality:

MOE Air Quality Symposium

Derek Jennejohn, Senior Engineer with Metro Vancouver Air Quality presented on Regional Air Quality Initiatives:

Metro Vancouver AQ Management, Sea to Sky Air Quality Symposium, Mar 2017

Dr. James Pawley, Emeritus Professor from the University of Wisconsin, presented on Ryan Lochtenberg's work on electric vehicles:

Pawley Horseshoe Bay Talk 2017

Thank you to all the presenters, and attendees, at the March Air Quality Symposium.

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