Sunday, April 14, 2019

Minutes of the AGM for Sea-to-Sky Clean Air Society

Conducted by teleconference- Present: Peter Frinton (chair), Eric Andersen, Ian Holl. Regrets: Craig McConnell

The Chair convened the meeting at 5:10pm, a quorum being present

Minutes of the 2018 AGM were highlighted and accepted as accurate

The 2018 Financial Report, as prepared by Balanced Bookkeeping and Accounting was reviewed and accepted

The Chair updated directors on the Wood Stove Exchange Program- that to date, during this fiscal cycle there have been 23 changeouts- 12@ $250/ 11@ $400 for a total of $7400 rebates.

A discussion ensued about the external review of SSCAS operations by Fraser Basin Council. Of the four possible ‘pathways’ suggested by Bob Purdy, options 2 and 3- the Quasi Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization model (QANGO), and Adaptation to Local-Government Interests, were deemed to be worth pursuing.

FBC will write up the options in their final report, and arrange to present at the Fall 2019 Howe Sound Forum.

Election of Directors for 2019/20- All present agreed to continue as directors and were acclaimed, there being no other applicants.

A motion was proposed by Ian Holl, seconded and debated:

That SSCAS request the BC MOE to provide 2019 funding to assist exploration of QANGO and Local-Government centred AQMP implementation.


Eric Andersen updated directors on pertinent events in Squamish- an intent to hire a climate change coordinator, an end to landfilling wood waste in the District, ongoing problems with illegal back yard burning, introduction of curbside green waste pickup.

He suggested that a potential roundtable including government, public, commercial and industrial interests could incorporate SSCAS objectives.

The Chair agreed to follow up with Tarek Ayache, the SSCAS contact at MOE.

There being no more business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm

Subsequent to the meeting, Craig McConnell provided his input by email:

Hello Peter,

Regret that I was unable to participate in the SSCAS 2019 AGM because of phone difficulties.
1) Like Ian and Eric, I also agree to serve as a board director for another year.
2) I agree that pursuing options 2 or 3 are the best path forward if the support for SSCAS exists for the models.
3) Good luck with the 2019/2020 funding request directed at BCMOE (Tarek Ayache) and local governments.
4) Agree that Howe Sound Forum is a good opportunity to broadcast our new model and mandate.
5) Agree to spending what we have on hand.

Best Regards, Craig

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